Lotte Giants


Founded: May 10th, 1982 ( Original Lotte Giants was founded in 1975 as an amateur team. ) Manager: Cho Won-woo Home Stadium: Sajik Stadium Sajik Street 45 Dongnae, Busan 부산광역시 동래구 사직로 45

  • Facts: Lotte is very famous for doing very well in the spring and suck in the summer and the fall. The club also is a great club during the practice games. They came 1st in practice games 10 times and 2nd 4 times.
    People call Lotte with many nicknames such as 꼴데(kkolde), 봄데( bomde), etc. Giants' fans are very famous for cheering them. Especially A- jeo-ssis( 아저씨; Men who married, Also means 40-50 Korean men) are crazy. ( I would say...) They followed Lotte as a religion since 1982.
  • Most famous player was a pitcher called Choi Dong-Won (; 최동원), his nick name was ' Iron Arms' ( ; 무쇠팔). With him, Lotte won the Korean series in 1988 and 1992. He was one of the greatest pitcher of all time and his rival was Sun Dong-Yeol ( ; 선동열) who played for Haitai Tigers ( Now Kia Tigers; Changed the Franchise in 2001.) However his number '11' is retired

  • Mascot: From 1985 to 2006, the mascot of Lotte was a Giant as you can see in the club's name. But, in 2006 Lotte changed the mascot to seagulls to show that Chiva Lotte Marines and Lotte Giants has same company or something else. A few groups of people hate it because it was exactly the same mascot as the " JAPANESE baseball club" Noorie ( A male seagull with a baseball hat) Ara ( A female seagull) Pini ( A tiny seagull)

  • History In 1982, Lotte was a part of the original 6's.( Lotte Giants, Haitai Tigers, Samsung Lions, Sammi Superstars, OB Bears, MBC Chungyong). >

  • *2017 season * * April New Foreign players Andy Burns and Nick Additon didn't do pretty well, but after the 2nd week of the league, Lotte became the fire batters' (불방망이; bulbangmang-i ) club.

  • Players

  • Lee Dae-Ho
  • Andy Burns
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