LG Twins


Originally founded in 1982 as the MBC Cheongyong (청용, Blue Dragons). Won Korean Series in 1990, 1994.

Changes in 2015

  • First full season with Yang Sang-moon (양상문) as manager.
  • Many coaches left, and a few former players became coaches (류택현, 양영동).
  • Cha Myeong-seok (차명석), former pitching coach, returned as 수석코치 (Yang Sang-moon's right hand man), but resigned after the end of the season.

Franchise Stars

  • Lee Byung-kyu (#9) - OF; Career .311 hitter, despite dismal 2015 season; LG lifer (16 seasons)
  • Park Yong-taik - LF/DH; Career .303 hitter; LG lifer (14 seasons and counting); 4 consecutive seasons with 150+ hits (2015)
  • Lee Jin-young - RF; Career .303 hitter, but faltered in 2015; Known for throwing strikes to home and third from RF
  • Bong Jung-keun - LHP; SP from 2007-2011, CP from 2012-2014 and most of 2015, now back to SP; enjoyed several dominant years both as SP and CP
  • Lee Dong-hyun - RHP; Most trusted RP for years, but declined rapidly in 2015
  • Oh Ji-hwan - SS; Known for slick fielding, clutch hitting and situational awareness (but sometimes loses focus on less intense plays)
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