Watch Live Games

For the 2015 season, SpoTV now only carries Doosan and Lotte games live on Youtube. For all other teams, please try the methods below (Afreeca and SpoTV links will still be available on each games' Gameday link

You are able to watch all the KBO games live at Naver or Afreeca.

Video Tutorial for all methods listed below (Different Method for Naver PC)

-SPOTV Player for Android Devices

  1. Go to Google Play store and install the player Link
  2. Open up player on your Android device and click on your game of choice

-Naver via smartphone (seems to have the best results outside of Korea)

  1. Install the Naver Media Player app for Android or iPhone.
  2. Using your smart device's browser, open up Naver's mobile KBO page
  3. Select your game of choice
  4. Click on the red button labeled 'HD 화질'

-Naver via computer (can lag/buffer outside of Korea):

  1. Install the following plugin
  2. Open up Naver's Live Stream page
  3. Select KBO리그 then select your preference game (Internet Explorer or Chrome is preferred)


  1. Open up Afreeca's KBO page and click the red game links (links don't become active until 10 minutes before 1st pitch)


  1. Install hola.vpn ( Don't worry it is 100 % free and over 1 million people use it)
  2. Set the country as Korea Republic if you want to watch the game live.
  3. Enter naver. sport. baseball
  4. Choose a game that you want to watch.
  5. Select 'Watch live' ( Or 라이브)
  6. If it doesn't work refresh then it would work.
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